Frontera Chicopee:
1625 Memorial Drive Chicopee, MA 01012
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Frontera Fairhaven:
214 Huttleston Avenue, Fairhaven, MA 02719
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Mexican Food Services in Chicopee and Fairhaven, Massachusetts


"A very good Mexican food restaurant, but by far the best Margaritas around. Highly recommend the Patron pitcher, so good and you won't leave upset."
- Davio J.

"Frontera is my favorite western Mass Mexican spot. Their food is always fresh, and it's one of the few spots around that offers REAL, AUTHENTIC Mexican food. Their margaritas are massive, delicious, and potent. Service is decent, but you may wait for awhile for your food if it's busy, which isn't a big deal for me because the food is worth waiting for. You can't go wrong with the Deluxe Burrito or the World's best tacos!"
- Taylor V.

"I have heard a lot about frontera and today I finally got to try it. This is my new favorite Tex mex place! Delicious food that comes out hot and fast. Service was excellent. I can't wait to go back!"
- Morena P.

"Accommodating is the one word I have for the Frontera Grill! From management to the waitstaff, simply the best! The Margaritas are delicious and the Philly Rolls are my all time favorite. Chips and Salsa are authentic and really tasty! Worth quite a few visits, Enjoy!"
- Kimberly B.

"I love the food, the fast service and the value. Have never been disappointed once going here. Great for a full dinner, brunch or even just for drinks and apps."
- Ashley Z.

"By far this is my favorite restaurant to go to! They staff here is super friendly and always make you feel welcome! Every time my food comes out it is always steaming and extremely hot. Also the margaritas here are well worth it! They have a wide variety of flavors and all of them are just delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone!"
- Samantha P.

"Great environment for friends and family. Good service and tasty menu. Plenty of alcoholic beverages including some good margaritas of course. Portion size is on the larger size. I have heard from numerous people about specials during the week including taco specials and burrito deals. Well worth a visit."
- Couture
"Past by this place many times didn't even see it till recently. Friendly staff, nice and colorful menu, food is food and I'm in love with their giant margaritas."
- Gustavo R.

"Chicopee's getting a lot of great food spots over the last few years and Frontera is the one that get's the most attention. Rightfully so, as they've done an excellent job at creating a very fun atmosphere that won't break your bank.

The parking situation at Frontera is pretty good, but on very busy nights you may have to park on one of the tiny side streets a few feet from the main parking area. The waits are normally very short but unfortunately there is not a lot of waiting room on those busy nights and often you will be outside or huddled together on the small entrance. There's a small bar area for quick seating and then a main room with large tables, surrounded by large open windows and plenty of booths.

The food selection is awesome, there is a large menu that should suit just about everyone going out to eat. The table side guacamole is always worth the extra few bucks, as the generic guac from the kitchen is VERY generic. I've gone through just about everything on the taco's menu (barring the fried fish) and I'd suggest either the Street Taco's or the World's Best taco's. Unlike most restaurants in the area that use very generic recipes, these are made with a bit of flare and some pretty unique ingredients.

I've skipped the appetizers, as they don't stand out TOO much. This doesn't mean that they are bad, in fact the wings they have are VERY sweet and worth it, however the rest of them are very generic and nothing to write home about. I would suggest the chicken tortilla soup to anyone wanting to warm up, and it's often something that once one person orders the rest of the table ends up with as well.

Drinks are pretty good here, a large variety of margaritas both with ice and frozen. A smallish selection of generic "mexican" beers and a few tequila selections. The margarita quality varies depending on who is working but range from salty-but-okay to almost-perfect.

If you're in the western mass area, I think Frontera is easily one of the best and most approachable Mexican style restaurants in the area."
- Pat L.

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